Captain's Gig on number 1 hatch.  Once during small craft warnings they picked up the boats without putting the hatch covers on. They were going to put the Gig in the water again and I was the engineer. I was waiting under shelter out of the rain while the Bowhook hooked up the Gig. When he was done he jumped out of the boat but the hatch covers were not there. I saw him fall. We measured it later and it was over 70 feet to the cement ballast at the bottom of the hole. I ran over and looked down and saw him still conscious. he landed between a jeep and a trailer. They sent him to a hospital. He came back for a visit several months later with just a limp. I guess the helmet and life jacket saved his life. Look at a picture of the Chilton and you will get a idea of the distance from the Top of a boat on # 1 hatch to below the waterline.