Peter Salzarulo

Aug 11, 2010

Here is a picture I got from Claudine Purdue of her Grandfather. (Peter Salzarulo) she would like for you to put it on the Wayne Page.

There is no reunion for the Wayne this year. we threw in the towel last year as we only had 5 shipmates to attend.
We all got to old to attend. We had 24 reunions and I made 21 of them. Had a good time at all.
It is hot in Texas this year.We have had 12 days of over 100 degrees in arow and another 4or 5 in the forecast.
Thanks for all the good you have done for the Wayne crew. JoAnn would send me info on anyone who asked about the Wayne and I would tell them how to get the info you put on. 

Gotta go and watch the Texas Rangers beat the Yankees.
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