May 31, 1945 


My Dearest: 

Thought I'd drop you a few lines this evening as my letter yesterday was terribly short and I feel a little guilty for that. Had movies on the top side tonight, first time for some time. Corny, as usually are. Don't even remember the name of it. 


You talk about your hives, I've broke out with them several times in the last week or so. Only I don't think mine are from a nervous condition. I'd rather believe it were from my diet or some such. My heat rash has cleared up considerably though and my hair is getting about back to normal again. 


All ready to come home on leave, or discharge or some such, but no such luck. As you probably already see, I am enclosing a little Japanese money, or rather American made currency of the Jap money. 


It is the first used invasion money and makes a pretty good souvenir. Ten Sen is worth one penny. Fifty--five cents and a hundred Sen makes one Yen which is worth a dime in our money. I am enclosing four Yen, five Fifty Sen and five Ten Sen. 


Well, enough of that.  Taps just went and I am getting sleepy darling. So I'd best close for now. 


Oh yes, I forgot, I love you very much! 

Your husband, 


Merle A. Waugaman CM 2/c U.S.N.R.