At the request of my Father and because of his illness Grant W.Nelson Sr. will no longer be able to receive E-mails. He is cancelling his accounts effective today 3/11/2011.

Grant has been battling Cancer and has taken turn for the worst which does not allow him to leave his bed, he has been very ill. So we all want to thank everyone for all the years of communication with Grant, and he enjoyed it so much.

We know you all gave him great joy and excitement and he liked to share that with who ever he could.
So (Grant W. Nelson Sr.) is now signing off. 

God Bless and Good Bye
Grant W.Nelson Jr.

Obituary August 23, 2011

Grant Nelson was one of the first men to contribute material to this site and has been generous in sharing information with others in the Amphibs community.  Russ Padden - 3/11/2011