Sep 6, 1945

In route to Manila Bay, Philippines


Dear Mom & Dad,

As you can see by the heading,  they took censorship off yesterday.   We left the states Aug 16.  Stopped at Midway to let a sick guy off and stopped again at Eniwetok and refueled.  Had a show there that night, (The Affairs of Susan).


Got underway at 7:00 the next morning.  Went within sight of Ulithi and Lady & Face.  


We get to Manila Bay tomorrow morning.  We have been in the Philippines Straight for two days now.  I've been to most of the islands in the Pacific.  I'll name some of them if you want to look them up on the map.

All of the Hawaiian Islands

Eniwetok         (2) times

Ulithi                 (2)

Midway            (1)

Leyte                (1)

Face                  (1)

Saipan              (3)

Guam                 (1)

Guadalcanal   (1)

Tulogy               (1)

Okinawa            (2) all the way around there.  

Okinawa-That's where all hell broke loose.  I'm glad I don't have to go through that again.  

I've seen all want to see of war right there.


All the island here are pretty hilly and lots of jungle except for a few places where there was pretty heavy fighting. 


The natives on all the islands are friendly.  Most all of them know how to say Hi Joe.  But they all carry big knives and that still makes them look pretty wicked.


There saying that we are going to pick up troops here and go back to the states but you can't believe every thing that you here.  We may go to Japan to but you never can tell till you get there.


Well I guess that's about all for this time.  I'll write again just before we leave Manila.


I believe I am gaining weight every day.  I weighed 147 lbs the other day.  I weighed 132 when I came in but I guess that was a year ago.  Shave every other day now.  Could stand it every day but you don't have to look that good out here.


Lots & Lots of Love,

Your Son Grant