U.S.S. NAPA (APA -157)
February 21, 1945 Cruise Book Entry Collision with U.S.S. Logan (APA -196)

21 February 1945 -

0057 Set course for transport area. 0444 Observed ship bearing down on port bow, breakdown lights and green running light visible. Navigator attempted to maneuver ship to avoid other vessel, but was unable to do so, and sounded the collision siren. Colliding vessel later identified as the Logan, APA 196, rammed port side, aft of superstructure. 0446 Word passed for all hands to man debarkation stations and preparations made to evacuate all casualties. Ship listing 10 degrees to port. USS Logan lying to alongside to port to render assistance. O500 Ship maintaining buoyancy. USS Logan away from alongside. Pumps in operation holding water level. Repair parties shoring up watertight bulkheads forward and aft of collision at No. 4 hold. 0642 Ahead at one third speed to test shaft. 

Proceeding to transport area in company with USS Estes and screen of seven escort vessels. Two tugs standing by to render assistance. 0700 Mustered crew at quarters - six absentees. Increased speed gradually to eight knots as bulkheads held at successively higher speed. 1252 Received dispatch stating death in action of Lt. (jg) D.E. Ritchie, U.S.N.R. on 19 February. 1350 Resumed unloading cargo. Received two casualties aboard from LSM. 1630 Received aboard the six men who had become separated from the ship during the collision. 1712 Red alert, en route to transport area. 1955 All clear.

Preliminary survey of damage caused by collision. A hole approximately 10 feet wide from main deck down to unknown depth between frames 93 and 105. Electrical workshop, dental office and sick bay stores demolished. After end of Welin davit No. 4 smashed. Ice box torn up, destroying all fresh fruits and vegetables. King post cracked at main deck and torn loose from foundation. No. 4 hold flooded up to within five feet of second deck. Two 20mm guns port side out of commission. Fuel tanks ruptured and fuel oil on all water in compartments. 2400 Lying to in transport area for the night.