The pictures, documents and history of the Logan were provided by Martin Light.

His Father, Louis Light was a plank owner who served on the Logan until it was de-comissioned.

This information sent by Jim Hicks, son of another Logan Veteran on - 10-1-2007:

These lists of names appear in a diary kept by J. Paul Hicks, LT (JG) of the U.S.S. Logan from commissioning day to his departure from the ship 4 January 1946 at Hunter’s Point.  It is my assumption that these rosters refer to the landing(s) at Iwo Jima, but in fact could be duty lists for the feint at Okinawa.  At any rate they may have some meaning for surviving veterans or their families.

Debark 7 & 8

Humphrey, B.J.

Mullins, H.E.            Winch

Jones, L.D.

Perez, L.            “

Froelich, E.R.            “

Focht, F.A.            Guyman

Schoenheit, F.W.”

Summers, A.            “

Byrd, M.D.            “

Holland, C.L.            Steady line

Castille, C.M.                        “

Creasey (ni)              “

Burton, L.                    “

Mitchell, J.                 “

Tynan,  W.                  “

Pringle, A.                  “

Arata, A.            Net tender

Dorris, J.E.                  “

Mills, (ni)                     “

Holuka, J.                   “

Beach Party

Staley, A.C.                SM 3/C

Parish, W.T.                 RM 3/C

Enfield, E.L.                Cox

Rogers, C.R.              S 1/C

Meadows, M.H.                S 1/C

Riley, R.R.                   S 1/C

Ricketts, (ni)               S 2/C