Mr. Padden,
Thank you for posting the information on the Guinea Pig Squadron. The third article on the Squadron quotes my father, Lt. jg Paul J Martin, the navigator of the Joseph Holt.

Growing up I remember the heavy jacket he had with the Guinea Pig Squadron screen-printed on the back. I always thought the shaky pig and the eight ball mine were pretty cool. Unfortunately, once our family began to travel, mementos such as this and Japanese rifles, flags, etc, got left behind (ie, thrown away).

If you have any other info on the Squadron, I'd love to see it.

Kevin Martin 

Lt. Martin being awarded the Bronze Star for his actions in he Guinea Pig Squadron.  Award was presented by Lt. Cmdr David B. Little USNR Commander of the Lowell Naval Reserve Battallion. the presentation, awarded by the President  through James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.

Brothers in the Navy - Sons of Mrs. Paul F. Martin of 8 Fenwick Terrace, Lowell MA, serving in the Navy.  Ensign Paul J. Martin, left, now attending school of Deisel engineering at Little Creek, Va., and Seaman Second Class Edward J. Martin at radio school in Indianapolis, IN.