Rudy, in 1965 I was a Marine stationed at the FMF Little Creek and, I suspect, had the honor of facing you in the base football championship game that year.  

I was the right defensive end for the Marine team and probably went head to head with you.  As I remember the game, the USS Mountrail team was big, fast and tough.  Your recollection of catching a ďbumpĒ to the jaw, courtesy of Captain Lee Elwell, was spot on.  Lee was tall, lean and didnít like being pushed around.  He was just as tough in practice on us and was more so during any game we played. 

I remember the game very well.  I also remember that we were very thankful that we didnít have to play the UDT/Seal team in the finals.  Having played them before (and beating them), we found them to be great warriors. We didnít have a clue how tough you folks would be.  We quickly found out. For me, I left the field at the end of the game exhausted and with a bloody nose and jersey. 

All in all it was great game that I will remember always.  By the way, this was the year that Marines from FMF beat the USS Mountrail, see article.  There were some very great folks that played that day that moved on to some pretty tough missions. 

Respectfully, Brayton Willis, Cpl, USMC, 1962-1966