Boarded the USS Mountrail late January 1965 at Morehead, NC for a six month Med deployment. I was with the 10th Marines based at Camp Lejeune, NC. At the time the Mountrail was with Navy's Atlantic Amphibious group based out of Norfolk (Little Creek), VA.

After wrapping up our commitment in the Med in June 1965 the Mountrail and other vessels in our group were deployed north to Norway for an amphibious landing 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle at Andoya, Norway. The Mountrail crossed the Artic Circle 26 June, 1965, at 10 degrees East longitude .. I know because I still have my 'Blue Nose' certificate awarded to Navy & Marine personnel who cross the Artic Circle while serving on a Navy vessel.

The Mountrail returned to Morehead City, NC (via Portsmouth, England for liberty) in late July.

One other thing ... the USS Mountrail cooks were awarded the runner up award for the best chow in the Atlantic fleet on that deployment. In comparison to the food on other Navy vessels I later spent time on it was, indeed, well above the average.

Semper Fi ...
Paul   Currie-Mills