8 Sep 1945

Dear Mom:

Well, here is the latest news.  We are again alerted for shipment.  We are scheduled to again board ship.  This we do on Monday and I presume we will sail either Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Right at this time I canít say whether it is the Neshoba which we boarded the first time or not. I rather think it is but I havenít seen the dope on the ship yet.  Who knows?  We may get aboard again and then be told to unload.  However, I think that if we get aboard again that we will sail this time.

Anyway, I hope that a decision has finally been reached.  It gets monotonous around here not knowing just what is going to happen next.

We took a ride in a government vehicle tonight around the post.  There is one road that leads down to the bay and one skirts the ridge above the bay.  It is very pretty right at sunset and very plainly in the distance we see the snow-capped Mt. Ranier.  The mountain is about 100 miles from Ft. Lawton but tonight it looked like it couldnít have been more than a couple of miles away.

Also adjacent to the post here is Lake Washington.  We went over there.  There are a series of locks at one end of the lake through which many boats pass all day long.  It is very interesting and the surrounding scenery is very, very nice.

How is Dorothy coming in regards to a job?  I hope that she gets one that is to her choosing.  I still havenít gotten any mail for two weeks.  It evidently is still going to Frisco and then out to our overseas destination.  It will catch up to me eventually.

That is all for tonight.  Iíll get one more letter off tomorrow night which will be the last one for some time.

Love to all,