9 September 1945

Dear Mom;

Well, some mail finally came through today. I got two letters from you all.  The last one told me of your trip to Chicago.

In regards my bonds, I donít think you will get any for some time.  I donít think I will get any while I was in the states.  They will be resumed overseas.  Iíll get the pay instead for the time I was in the states.

As regards shipping, I hate to say this will be my last letter for some time.  We have had so many false alerts.  However we are scheduled to go aboard the ďNeshobaĒ tomorrow (Tuesday) and will probably sail Tuesday night for Japan or the Philippines.

Whether I will get to write soon is problematical. If we stop in Hawaii, I may have the chance.  If we do, we probably wonít be there longer than 24 hours and if so, probably wonít be allowed ashore.  If so, Iíll get a letter off.  If not, you will have to wait until we reach our destination.

If Clarence Brewer is going overseas with his family, he is lucky.  Going overseas now doesnít mean a thing.  No danger, no nothing. I suppose Howard will have a lot of bragging to do about it.

I got Marthaís card today.  Thank her for me.  I am so tremendously busy right now that I just canít write but this one letter.

Well, I will wind up now. Again, I say this will be my last letter.  I hesitate saying it in view of the other false alarms.

Anyway, all is well and everything is going okay.  Expect the next letter when you get it.

Love to all