19 Sep 1945

Dear Mom:

Well this is a hurry up letter.  I went ashore in Honolulu yesterday, found Paul, and had a very enjoyable time.

I was looking to go ashore today but donít think that will be possible.  I think we are sailing late this afternoon.

We were scheduled for Leyte and then it was changed direct to Yokohama.  Now I understand it is changed back to Tacoblan, Leyte.

Paul was aboard this morning and just left.  Hawaii is quite beautiful. I went swimming at Waikiki Beach yesterday and it was fine. The island, of course, has had a lot of publicity.  It is nice but not too wonderful.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is really very beautiful. I should like to spend a week or so here but I think that would be long enough.

This letter is written in a hurry as I want to get it off the ship before we sail.  Now after we leave here, it may be 2 or 3 weeks before I even get a chance to write again.  All is well and I feel fine.  So long for now.

Love to all