20 Sep 1945

Dear Mom:

Well we never know what we are going to do anyway.  We didnít sail yesterday but I really think we will today.

I got into Honolulu again yesterday.  I contacted Paul and we wandered around quite a bit.  I bought some post cards and mailed them out.

We went around to a native wood workers place and looked for souvenirs. My time was very, very limited.  However, I did get one article. Not much but it is a souvenir.

I didnít have time to get it ready for mailing. Paul is going to mail it for me to you.  You probably wonít get it for quite a while.

Now I am aboard ship.  It seems as if we donít know where we are going.  One minute it seems to be Leyte and next minute it seems we are going direct to Yokohama by way of Guam.  Really wonít know until we get there.

Anyhow, it will be a fairly long trip either way.  I really donít the army knows what it wants to do with us.  While I canít say we are on a pleasure cruise I can say that it is a ďsight seeingĒ trip.  I think we are just killing time until discharge day.

I need 620 film badly.  I canít seem to get any.  Call Maggie and ask her to get Lou to get me some.  Lou can get them.  I should like to get as much of this film as I can as quickly as possible because I donít want to miss any opportunities to take pictures.  Tell Maggie that my time was so limited that I didnít get a chance to write her from Hawaii but will get a letter off at the first opportunity.   Everything is okay.

Love to all,