25 September 1945

Dear Mom:

Well, we crossed the 180th meridian last night.  In other words, we went to bed on Sunday night and got up on Tuesday.  We lose 24 hours when we cross this meridian. 

Since we left Honolulu, the weather has been getting hotter and hotter.  It will continue until we reach Guam which should be Sunday.  Then, as we turn north to Yokohama the weather should be getting cooler.  Yokohama weather should be similar to Terre Haute.

According to the paper, men with 36 points or more wonít be shipped overseas.   That hits me.  I have even 36 points on V-J day but here I am anyway. However I think our stay is destined to be short.  I am glad to be over here.  Iím getting to see the world, my pay is higher, etc.  As long as I have to stay in the army I would just as soon be traveling.

When we come home, I would just as leave continue on around and complete the globe.  That isnít very possible.

You can trace our route very easily.   Seattle to Honolulu, to Wake Island Guam, then on a straight line to Yokohama.

The little souvenir I am having Paul send you from Honolulu will have to serve as your anniversary present.  I hope I am in Japan long enough to purchase some souvenirs for all of you.

Paul Lundstrom sailed from Seattle on an earlier ship than I did.  I rather imagine they sailed to Tacoblan, Leyte.  Our orders were changed to Yokohama enroute and I wouldnít be surprised but what we will be the first element of the division to arrive in Japan.

That is just about all the news I have for now.  I imagine, barring further changes, that we shall land in Yokohama between the 4th and 6th of October.

Love to all


N.B. Iím hoping to mail this letter at Guam.