28 Sep 1945

Dear Mom:

Well, we are getting fairly close to Guam.  Last night we passed Eniwetok Island, one of the Marshall.  Now we are heading due west toward Guam.

It is still very, very hot and I will be glad when we turn north from Guam towards Yokohama.

Quite a few ships passed us last night heading for the states.  I think they were units of the 3rd Fleet Ė battlewagons and flattops.

We received the news by wireless yesterday that some units of the 97th Div landed in Yokohama yesterday.  It will be a week at least before we land.

That is about all the news for now.  I wonít close this letter yet.  I may be able to add something to it between here and Guam.

30 September

Well, we are nearing Guam and will be there in a few hours.  Iíll have to close this letter and get it in the mail. Then, if we donít get ashore, the mail will anyhow.

The weather is still very hot.  We may be in Guam 48 hours, maybe 3 days.  It is problematical whether we get ashore or not.  Yokohama is 4 or 5 days from here.

The ocean is very calm.  Just like a big lake and the water is ever so blue.

I am now looking forward to seeing Japan.  Should be very interesting.

Everything is going okay.  I think I told you that I went swimming at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and visited the Royale Hawaiian Hotel.

Now once more about the bonds.  I donít think you will start getting any more until I have a chance to review them.  That, I imagine, wonít be until November.  However you should be getting the 50.00 allotment regularly.  If you arenít, let me know.

Please try to get me as much 620 film as you can.  Send it to me the fastest method.

How is Dorothy doing?  Has she a new job yet.  I hope so.

I donít know when I will be discharged.  Conditions seem to change about hourly.  However, I suppose it will come to pass in late spring or summer.

Anyhow, everything is going okay. If we get ashore in Guam Iíll mail you another letter.  If we donít get ashore, my next letter will come from Japan.

Iím certainly getting to see plenty of the world.  That is what Iíve always wanted.  I donít think it is possible but when we come back it would be nice go through the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean to England and then fly to New York.  However it is but a dream.

Well Iíll wind up for now.  My next letter will be from Guam or perhaps from Japan.

Love to all