The Neshoba APA 216 After the War

The photo that you posted was taken at Stockton Ca. prior to the Korean War. 

Navarro (APA-215) was recommissioned in 1950.

The Natrona (214) and Neshoba (216) were moved to Suisun Bay during 1958 along with the other APAs at Stockton. 

After the APAs left, the Navy used the Stockton site for berthing DDs and DEs, most of which were transferred from the reserve fleets at San Diego and Long Beach. 

Neshoba  (APA-216)  began inactivation at Mare Island, towed to Stockton 20 Apr 46 by ATR-84; OCIR (Out of Commission in Reserve) 4 Dec 46.

Went to Suisun Bay NDRF 4 Sep 58; 

I don't have an arrival date at Mare Island for 1946, but I have a note that she was dry-docked there during March of that year, and was undocked on 1 Apr 46. 

She was towed from Stockton to Mare Island 31 Jul 58 and remained there until entering SBRF on 4 September. 

Sold by U. S. Dept. of Commerce 5 Mar 75 to American Ship Dismantlers Inc., Portland, Or. ($210,001).

She departed Suisun Bay NDRF 26 Mar 75 for Portland

Most of my information came from Mare Island yard logs at the National Archives in San Francisco.  I suspect that Neshoba may have been at Mare Island during the early '50's for routine dry-docking, although I have nothing in my notes for that period.

Best wishes,

Joe Lewis