On the ship, they were hoisting in a LCM boat on one deck, as in picture #34.  My dad (Rangvald "Randy" Land) was on that deck helping with that.  On the upper deck on the other side, They were also lifting in a boat, but one ofthe small boats, as on the side in picture #60.  As they lifted the LCM boat, which weighed 30 ton, the ship went down on the one side causing the small boat on the upper deck, other side of boat to swing inward, hitting and crushing Dahlgren.

They immediately put him on a stretcher and brought him to the sick bay, which was right near where my dad was.  The only thing he said, according to my dad's recollection is, "I can't breathe."  He did not live very long, only minutes I believe.

The Red Cross ship came and picked up his body that same afternoon.

Dahlgren was on the deck crew. My dad was on the deck crew right away.  This is how he knew him.  My dad was asked by the shipfitters to join them, so he did.  They did not work around the deck crew much after that.  So he didn't see him much.  He said he didn't know him real well, because he was very quiet. What he remembers is that he kind of moved slow, like easy going.

I asked why he didn't have any pictures of him or the deck crew, he said it was because they couldn't have cameras until after the war was over.  The pictures he has were all taken later.

Jan Land Lindgren