Excerpted from the Oakland Tribune ,  SUNDAY November 15, 1952:

Storm Rips Havoc Path In Estuary Ship 

Throughout the Bay area winds reached gale of about 50 miles an hour. 

The Joplin Victory tore loose part of its Oakland Estuary pier and blew into side of the Navy transport USS Neshoba, a smaller craft.

The Joplin Victory moored at the Hurley Marine Works at 491 Embarcadero was torn loose about and blown across the stretch of water separating the Martinolich Ship Re pair Company pier at 321 its pier after daylight. The Victory ship dragged a portion of the pier at the foot of Fifth with it as it was swept across 250 feet of water into the side of the USS Neshoba.  

Both vessels escaped with only minor damage. 


The Joplin Victory a Military Sea Transportation Service vessel was in for repairs. Neshoba had recently taken out of mothballs at the Stockton Reserve Fleet and then moved to Oakland to be made ready for duty. Shortly after daybreak an Oakland patrolman reported a craft had been torn loose from its moorings east of the Ninth Avenue Pier and was adrift in the Estuary. 

The Coast Guard was called to take it in tow