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I just viewed your USS Neshoba Site, and wanted to let you know that I have a $1 bill signed by many of the crew of the Neshoba, and written on the reverse is ports of call dates from 1942-1945.  It belonged to my Great Aunt's Husband.  He was aboard the Neshoba, his name was Donald Arthur (Art) Pollock.


 Both my Aunt and Art are deceased now, leaving this bill with me.


My uncle Art was actually in the Army, and was on board the Neshoba, come to find out.  I  will look into this some more come springtime, his Army unit is engraved on his headstone.  He has been dead since 1952.  This bill should still be of interest to the Neshoba crewmen, they probably have a few signatures on it.


All the best, and thanks again!

Brian Wood