Ray-Suisin Bay-Ship being mothballed

I imagine the statute of limitations has run out on the caper of the missing Jap pistols, German lugers and samurai swords from a foreword cargo hold of the USS Neshoba on December 6, 1945. 

The Marines that we picked up at Tientsin, China had stored their Jap souvenirs in this hold I guess to hand-out when the ship arrived at state side.

There was a manhole about 16" x 24" in my crew's quarters over this hold. I came back to my bunk after noon chow-down to find someone had sawed the lock of the manhole and crewman were hauling the good stuff. 

By the time I got down in the hold the German lugers were gone but I help myself to a Jap cavalry sword, which I still have hanging among my war souvenirs, and a field samurai sword , which I sold for 10 bucks and I have regretted that all my life.

I was sure there would be a shake-down before we got state side so I hid the swords in a ventilation duct but that didn't happen . The marines could have been so happy to be home that they didn't miss the booty. 

Another pleasant memoir of my navy experience.