I've been going through my fathers discharge papers since he passed away in April of this year and I noticed that he served on the USS Neshoba.  

I googled the ship and found this web site including his picture under Chris Kirkegards link.  His name is Clement J. Orsi and he can be found in picture #6, the first row, fourth one from the left between Sandy Kleinberg and Walter Pitkorchimney.

I know he was on the ship during the typhoon and while transporting Japanese prisoners because he did mention those experiences.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would include his name in the crew list, under departed crew members list and in Chris Kirkegards picture #6 where he is photographed with other crew members.  

I've attached a picture of my father from that time period and the Chris Kirkegard link where he is shown in the photograph.

Larry Orsi 12/7/2011