Boat Crew

Row #1

Christopher Kirkegard 4th from left, Sandy Kleinberg is 5th from left, Lou Nawrocki-3rd from right

The first person on the right was injured while we were retrieving cargo nets from the forth hold. He was crushed by four hatch covers. Luckily they landed on edge besides him. An other sailor and I removed the hatch covers and loaded him on a stretcher where he was hoisted topside. He suffered severe head injuries and was transferred off the ship for medical attention.

Row #2 

Start from the right  #1Olson ?, #2 Wesley Page, #4 James Glynn Brann - short guy, his face is partially blocked, #6 Portal,  #8 Joe Pacific?


Standing Row 3

#2 Nagel,  #3 Pelosi,  #4 Kisten,  #5 Caston (bunked above Joe Morin, nickname Goosy Gas),  #6 Haverstick,  #9 Moore #10 Liester( coxswain of boat alongside me who also saw the little lamb on Easter Sunday)


Back Row  

#1 Natal ( He was learning to be a coxswain, lost his glasses and wiped out the remaining gangway on the ship.#9 Goodwin great sense of humor.