Okinawa-By Joseph Morin

A blanket of clouds
Hid the stars from sight
And our ship
From the enemy.
But they couldn't conceal
The wake we drew
More than we could conceal
As we sailed oer the blue
The fear of tomorrow
And the battles
That might be

Then came the dawn
And the curtain was drawn
A smoke screen veiled the stage
Their hearts in their throats
The men filled the boats
As cannon spoke out 
With a rage

With a count of two score
We headed for shore
To face the enemy
For the soldiers
And the fears within me
Went a Hail Full of Pleas
To the Star of The Sea
By the shores
Of The South China Sea.

Rockets spewed out
Like fires from hell
As we lowered the ramp
On coral shell
Where the troops moved onto
And over the wall
To be greeted by a sight
I clearly recall
A lamb standing there
On a mantle of green
Overlooking the sea
Of the struggling humanity.

For The Lord 
Twas the Feast Of His Risen Day.
The final act of the play.
We would soon see power
Two towering clouds,
And Nagasaki
Kissed The Star of The sea
That watched over me
And returned to the warm embrace
Of The Sea