Once I was Happy

Once I was happy
But look at me now
Working like heck
On this pig iron scow
I sweep down each morning
I sweep down each nite
And all that I get
Is the boatswain mate's gripe.

The bulkheads are dirty
The Boatswain is mean
And the bulkheads I wash
Though I think they are clean
We knock of for lunch
And sweep down once more
Then back to the bulkheads
Until it is four.

We all have a supper 
Of cold cuts and cheese
Then I hit the sack
And I dream of Louise
But as I will kiss her
I'm shook by a hand
And up in The Crows Nest
The dogwatch I stand.

Typhoon Louise

This is another poem that I wrote while aboard The Neshoba. 

I used the meter of the song the Flying Trapeze.  Funny thing is the typhoon we ran into was named Louise. I didn't realize it at the time.

We named our first born, Louise.

Joe Morin