Lester Bradbury on right

Lester William Bradbury (on right) entered the United States Navy on the 27th of December, 1944. After attending basic training at the Naval Training Station in San Diego, California,

Lester was assigned to the USS Neshoba. In February of 1945 the Neshoba entered the war zone in the Pacific theater, in support of naval operations ongoing at that time. Upon the surrender of Japan in August of 1945,

 Lester and his crewmates, along with the Marines, sailed to the Yellow Sea and up the Yagtze River to the city of Nanjing.

They were there to clean up the mines in the waters and also they assisted the city of Nanjing to recover from the devastation it had suffered at the hands of the Japanese.

After his discharge, Lester returned to Challis, Idaho.


Lester W. Bradbury, 83 years of age of Challis, Idaho, passed away on November 21, 2007, at the Discovery Care Centre of Salmon, Idaho.

A private funeral service was held at the Challis Cemetery.

Lester William Bradbury was born on November 25, 1923, in Baker, Oregon, the last of four children born to Verne and Lena Bradbury.

The early years of Lester's life were spent in Baker City. His mother died shortly after Lester was born and he along with his siblings, were raised and cared for by Ms. Mary Ellen (Ella) Brasier, who later became his stepmother.

In 1935, the Bradbury family moved back to Challis, Idaho, where they had lived prior to moving to Oregon.

In 1936, Verne purchased the family ranch that was operated by Lester and his brother, Earl, after Verne's death in 1946. Lester and Earl resided on the family ranch until 1994 when they sold it and retired.

Lester enjoyed the years he spent cattle ranching, often giving names to the newborn calves. He enjoyed the people he met and the many friends he made along the way.

During World War II, he served in the U.S. Navy.  After retirement, Lester and Earl remained in the Challis area until 2006 when they both became residents of the Discovery Care Centre.

Lester is survived by his brother Earl Bradbury of Salmon; two nieces, Charlene (Kirtley) Cavanaugh of Chubbuck, Idaho and Joanne (Blair) Johnston of Arco, Idaho and one nephew, Tom Blair, of Denver, Colorado.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Verne and Lena Bradbury; his stepmother, Ella Bradbury; two sisters, Elsie Kirtley and Edna Blair; and two nephews, Charles Kirtley and James R. Blair.