On March 2, 2009 I spotted a scrapbook of material collected by P. E. Peterson of the Neshoba on eBay and bought it.

A number of people helped to subsidize the cost (I paid over $400, more than would have like to, but didn't want the album bought to be broken up and resold in pieces) 

P. E. Peterson is listed as P. W. Peterson on the crew list - a typo.  He came aboard the ship on November 21, 1944 as a S3c and left on May 15, 1946 as a S2c. His Serial number was 757 98 31 and his full name was Paul Edward Peterson. He was late returning from leave on December 31 - well over a day late. On another leave he returned late, drunk and with an altered ID card. That could explain why he only advanced to S2c. 

I have scanned much, but not all of the material from the book.  As with each of the other men, he had a number of pictures that others had and I tried not to duplicate them.  

Michael Cobb also sent me some images which I have posted.  Since his Father, Henry A. Cobb was a Signalman, I am posting them in the same section. (like I posted all the Boat Crew pictures together)

Russ Padden 3-14-2009

A special thanks to Ray Allen and Glen Ayer - both made generous contributions to the website over the years and both helped pay for this scrapbook. Both are plank owners of the website and without them this site would probably never have started - see my comments about them on the Dedication Page.