I found copies of the dispatches among my Father's papers.

Apparently George Minot was a War Correspondent for the Boston Globe that hitched a ride on the Neshoba in August of 1945. He had the "pleasure" of experiencing the big typhoon that sank a number of ship in the Okinawa area, though none in his convoy. These dispatches would have gone out with the mail-when the mail went out. As a Yeoman, my Dad probably copied them during his spare time.

I have not corrected the spelling or grammar.


Other letters and articles are from the Trident Tribune, the Neshoba's paper and other material submitted.

I also found copies of some of the articles that were also in the cruise book, with minor variations.

I hope you find them interesting. John Hays from Pikeville, KY bought a a scrapbook on Ebay.  These are that was created from materials sent home by Sergeant William Kelly of the 97th Division.   A number of Trident Tribunes-a paper created by his Division were included.  Some of the articles were transcribed by Burnita Houston and they are posted in this section


This is brought to you thanks to the volunteers who are transcribing this material from the original copies. 

It is tedious work and is truly appreciated.

Russ Padden-Webmaster