Wednesday, October 3, 1945 6 A.M.
A 322d Bn combat engineer was operated on for appendicitis last night--and he came out of the ordeal with a smile.

T/5 CHARLES THOMPSON of Co. A, who was detailed to work in the ship's laundry, complained last evening of an abdominal pain, and upon examination in the Neshoba sick bay, it was decided that Thompson would undergo an appendectomy.

The operation itself took place in near-record time, with Thompson administered a spinal block injection "freezing" the lower part of his body. He had full mental consciousness throughout the operation.

Although unable to see the actual surgery, Thompson was able to watch attending surgeons at work and talked to attendants throughout the operation.

Thompson entered the operating room at 2220, was given his injection at 2230 and by 2310 the operation was completed.

Operating on the Trident-man were Lt (jg) R. F. Minkus and Lt Comdr E. F. Suchninki, with the following sickbay men aiding: 

R. A. "Possum" Harris, PhM1/c; G. L. Spickard, PhM2/c; R. A. Stick, PhM3/c; and H. L. Childers, PhM3/c.