Oct. 7, 1945

And we've got some thank-yous to pass around to those who helped us put out the TRIBUNE, as well as to those who aided the Traveling Tridentmen in passing time.

Those who helped us on the paper are the ones we'd like to thank first--

CLIFFORD P. 'CLIFF' MACKIN, RM2/c, of the radio shack who wrote what we consider to be some of the best humor writing we've seen--even if we did have to edit it some to allow you to send the paper home.....

BILL KLINGINSMITH, RM3/c. of Radio Three, faithfully prepared our daily budget of news...except for the time when he'd take in a movie, and it would help us get to bed an hour or two later in the morning..
CLARENCE PAUL, SC3/c, who cooks those good beans for breakfast, pleases the taste of the gourmets nightly with some of the most delectable dishes we've seen in a long time--arranged through courtesy of Mr. Davis.

R. H. INGLESBY, Lt., USNR, and the supply office and GSK stores, for furnishing the necessary supplies in enough quantity to allow publication of the Tribune.

D. C. DAVIS, Lt. Comdr., USNR, who furnished the utmost of cooperation throughout the voyage.

ENSIGN BARR, USSR, the navigator, who figured out our position each evening, just for the Tribune--or are we kidding ourselves?

ALL THE FELLOWS ON THE SIGNAL BRIDGE DESERVE MENTION, too, but we can't list all the names. These fellows under direction of DEACON, CSM; WILLMIRTH, SM1/c; and HAMLET, SM1/c, made us feel at home and gave up their chairs (until they got to know us better), so we could get out our paper (which, incidentally, didn't win both the Pulitzer and Ayer awards).

WE'D LIKE TO THANK OUR TOP OFFICERS in the 97th, Gen. Partridge and Maj. Gleason, for their liberal policy with regard to the amount of control required over the paper. We're happy to report that never, during the entire voyage, was one piece of news in the Tribune either censored or withdrawn before publication.

THERE ARE OTHERS WE'D LIKE TO THANK, on behalf of everyone: Lt. Hawley, transport services officer; the electricians who prepared lighting for shows and ran movie projectors, all performers and boxers, Lt. Ritter and the men of the first lieutenant's office, and the following officers for their information-education lectures: Capt. Tapson of the 322 Engineers, and Lt. Newbern, Lt. (jg) Thomas, Lt. (jg) Vaghi, and Ensigns Fallon, Welbaum, and LeClaire.

Again, we say THANKS NESHOBANS! See you Stateside!