By Lt. Robert D. Potter 322d Engineer C. Battalion

Inasmuch as this is the final issue of the TRIDENT TRIBUNE, I would like to take this opportunity of commenting upon the job the editors of the TRIBUNE have done in the editing of the paper.

The entire staff of the paper consisted of volunteers--T/5 Jack Eisen of the 97th Division Public Relations office, managing editor; T/5 Pat D'Angelo of the M&S Co. 322d Engineers, news editor and columnist; T/Sgt Jordan Abeshouse, the art editor; and Sgt. Marry Bailey, who aided in the printing and distribution of the paper.

Eisen (a tall, lumbering guy, whom I have threatened with some road work) worked on the San Francisco Chronicle and San Rafael (Cal) Independent before entering the Army in 1943; D'Angelo, a journalism hobbyist has done some work for hometown Philadelphia newspapers; Abeshouse was a Yale Art student from New Haven; and Bailey worked at Martin Aircraft Corp at Baltimore.

The work of printing and stapling the papers was regularly done by Eisen and D'Angelo, who rarely got to bed before 4 a.m.

From comments I've heard, the paper has "gone over" well aboard ship. It is due to these men's work that this is the case.

Well done, men.