Update March 13, 2005

Back in January Ray Allen asked me if I would get June 1946 and add them to the logs. I ordered May and June 1946 and received them in early March.  I didn't scan all of the pages, only the ones where something happened-the ship was moored at a dock.  It appears that most of the original crew were gone by June-with a number of men leaving on May 31-including Ray.


After seeing the Decklogs on the APA 154 site, I wanted to add the Decklogs of the Neshoba to the website. Because of the considerable added expense of buying them and the cost of the additional web space, I kept putting it off.  (the estimate for copying and shipping all of the pages was over $500)

One of the crew members, Ray Allen, suggested I see if anyone else wanted to help support the logs-and he would get the ball rolling.  As a result, we have been buying it in segments. The Deck Logs are the only part of the website that has "sponsors.."  The rest is covered by me. 

The first batch of logs posted was from November 1944 to July 1945.

Next came August and September 1945.

October to December 1945 was posted August 21.

On September 11, 2004 I am posted January to April 1946 when the ship was moved to Stockton.  

On March 13, 2005 I posted May and June 1946-but only the pages that were interesting

The logs continue until December of 1946 when the ship was decommissioned.  If there is interest and support, we could go all the way to December 1946..


The next project is the War Diaries-if you are interested in helping to sponsor them, please contact me.


Georgeanna Dahlgren Coleman sponsored January, February and March 1946 in honor of her Uncle Marlowe John Dahlgren Jr..  He is the only crew member to die aboard the Neshoba.


Spencer Roane sponsored August, September, October, November and December 1945 in honor of his Dad, Joseph Roane, who served on APA 125 USS Lanier. 


Ray Allen sponsored November and December 1944; February, March and April 1945; and April and May 1946.

Ray was my first Neshoba contact, first to provide materials for the website and first to contribute to the logs addition to being a Plankowner of the Neshoba.  


Ted Cate sponsored June and July 1945.

Ted found the site in February 2004 and contacted me.  He's another Plank Owner of the Neshoba. He can be seen in my Dad's pictures on link #2.  He's the guy in the upper right hand corner.


Walter Murphy sponsored May 1945.

His Dad, Frank, served on the Neshoba as a Y1c and can be seen standing behind my Dad (Frank Padden) in link #5 in my Dad's pictures on the Neshoba page.


John Walker sponsored January 1945 in honor of his Dad, Dick Walker-another Neshoba crew member.

Tony Adamski sponsored June 1946 he trained at Sampson Naval Base.


Thanks- Russ Padden -