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Chris Kirkegard and I were in boot camp together and were assigned together to the Amphibious Training in Coranado, California. After about 17 weeks of boat training, we were assigned to the USS Neshoba as part of their boat crew. Since we were both young and from the Bronx, we would hang out together. 

When the ship was in Long Beach, I believe, something happened to the ship, and each side, port and starboard, got five days leave. I needed all ten days if I were to get to New York, for my brother's wedding, and back again, since there were no planes available at that time. Chris said that he was just going to hang out on the beach, and that he would cover my duties for my five days. I could not believe my luck, but that was the type of friend he was. I have never forgotten this memory and speak of it often. 

We parted when I transferred to a Quartermaster Division, as I knew the Ensign, who was in charge of the boat crew, would never promote me, even though I passed the test with a high mark. I remember this officer, although it is not a very pleasant memory. I have been forever glad that I transferred out of his command. 

Chris and I saw each other occasionally, on the ship, but it was hard to continue our friendship as we were in different divisions. We had not spoken in 58 years until I received your E mail with his son's phone number. Chris and I had an enjoyable conversation with promises of getting together some day.

So, thank you for your continued interest in the Neshoba and its crew members.

Sandy Kleinberg