Chris Kirkegard's "unauthorized" unlicensed scooter ride on this date. He was with H. E. Crawford.





Apparently, the two of them were leaving the ship, and saw the scooter, and decided to take it for a ride. He said that they were just riding it around the ship yard (he thinks it belonged to the yard) ......

Eventually, it was reported stolen, and they were stopped and brought to the police station ... They were then turned back over to the ship .... The incident was written up. The police station wrote up my Father's name as 'Kirk E. Gard' 

It was a couple of kids having fun, no thought of stealing and malicious intent ever intended. He said that he and Crawford thought it was a lot of fun ... but the ship yard, police and the commanders on the ship were very, very unhappy.

They were punished .. He thinks the Gangway Officer punished them .....they had to clean up the bilge ... Then his Lieutenant punished them by cutting them back on some liberty benefits, and doubled them up on a watch .... The Boson was annoyed, that they were punished twice. 

That's all that he remembers .. But when I mentioned the incident, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

The discussion brought back some great memories !!


Chris Kirkegard

BTW ... My Father said since details like this are coming out ... he is beginning to not like this web site (he was kidding of course) ... I told him that I can't wait to get more dirt that I can share with the family :-)