Vujovich, Roy 
November 14, 1926 - October 23, 2010
Roy Vujovich, loved and cherished husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and coach, passed away at his home the evening of October 23, 2010, in North Hills, California. He was 83 years old. He leaves behind his beloved family, an incredible network of friends, and a legacy of love, determination, strength, humor, passion and compassion. 

In 1943, Roy enlisted in the United States Navy and continued Navy maneuvers in the Pacific for the next three years. After the war, Roy pursued a teaching credential at UCLA. He played football and pole-vaulted at the collegiate nationals in track. He was proud to be on Coach Red Sanders' first football team and lived at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house.

In 1951, Roy continued his graduate work and his position as head football and track coach at Harvard School for Boys. He was delighted to be named head football coach and Physical Education teacher at Glendale High School shortly thereafter. In 1954, Roy's popularity soared as Glendale High School won the League Championships and went on to the regional play-off games. In 1957, "Educational Tours of America" was born. The "share the expense" bus tour of the United States and Eastern Canada with 80 students annually continued for over two decades. 

His rugged good looks and booming voice also led him to Hollywood, where he appeared in commercials, television and movies as his teaching schedule allowed. 

In 1962, Roy was honored by the football association of Southern California and by the Glendale community as "Coach of the Year." In 1966, Roy moved forward to teach at Glendale Junior College. In 1967, he accepted a position with a furniture business in San Francisco. In 1969, Roy was simultaneously offered a partnership in the furniture firm and an invitation from the Glendale Unified School District to return to teaching and coaching in Glendale. He opted to return to teaching and coaching, and also resumed "Educational Tours of America" each summer.

During the 1980's, Roy successfully pursued a career in real estate and traveled extensively with friends and family. His explorations took him to Maine, Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, Hong Kong, Russia, China, Sri Lanka and Serbia. 

In 1990, Roy experienced a life-saving quintuple bypass. He decided to fully enjoy his new lease on life and celebrated with retirement and marriage to Christina Holland in 1991. Roy delighted in the company of Christina in North Hills and being a "house husband." It brought him immense joy and a sense of rebirth to help raise his grandchildren, Andrew and Christian Cotter, who lived with them for several years. Poppy and/or Grandpa Roy loved to attend the functions of his other grandchildren as well, including sports games, dance recitals and parties. He treasured and lived life to its fullest, appreciating and focusing on all of its beauty, joy and comedy. He lived, until the end, with compassion, striving to make the road a little easier, or a lot more fun, for someone else. He was, quite simply, a true success. 

The Vujovich family is indebted to Rafael Magaling, Roy's faithful caregiver, for making his days fulfilling and peaceful. Their mutual love of cooking and food gave them many hours of Food Network viewing, with Roy trying out many recipes over the months. 

Roy is survived by his loving wife of 19 years, Christina Holland Vujovich of North Hills, sisters: Patricia Talbott (Frank), and Beverly Wolff (Harold); children: Christina Marie Norris (Peter), Janja Vujovich Seretti (Philip), Mila Vujovich-La Barre, Bron Vujovich (Ava), Denise Marie Lowe (Kevin), Brian Holland, and Matt Holland; grandchildren: Laura Norris, Chuck Norris, Giovanni Seretti, Branko Seretti, Danica La Barre, Jorja La Barre, Mirjana Vujovich, Christian Cotter, Andrew Cotter, Tyler Holland, Christina Holland; great grandchild: Arabella Seretti, and numerous nieces and nephews hold his memory and teachings close to their hearts. 

He was preceded in death by his parents and his two brothers, Sam Vujovich and John Vujovich.