Harry Maxey Keyser 1925-1987 (on ship he was known as "Keys") is second sailor from the right (with the funny hair).

He was on shore leave in San Francisco just before the San Saba headed off to war.  He was walking by himself down the street one evening when two drunken Marines fell in step behind him.  As they passed an ally they grabbed him and pulled him in.  

Two other Marines happened to walk by as my dad was pulled into the ally.  They immediately stopped the drunken Marines. When my dad asked them why they stopped the fight that was about to happen one of them just pointed to the red cross on my dad's arm.  

The Marine then said, "if you didn't have that, we wouldn't have stopped them."

Story submitted by Todd Keyser

Note from Russ - the Medics were VERY highly regarded by the Marines - something that I've heard from every WWII Marine I've talked to.