From the Internet-Collected by Douglas Spencer

(APA designates an Attack Transport Amphibious, passenger [troop] cargo ship. This would be her maiden voyage. She was named after a County in Texas. Class Haskell Attack Transport, built by the Kaiser Shipbuilding Corp. Vancouver, WA. Commissioned 3 December 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Richard Bissell; Captain E.E. Berthold in Command. Length 455 ft.; Beam 62 ft.; limiting draft 24 feet.

Specifications: Displacement 6,873 ton light, 14,837 ton loaded; length 455 feet; Beam 62 feet; Speed 18 knots; Complement 56 officers 480 Enlisted men; Troop Capacity 86 Officers 1,475 Enlisted; Cargo Capacity 150,000 cubic feet, 2,900 tons; Boats; 2 LCM, 12 LCVP, 3 LCPU; Armament 1 5"/38 dual-purpose gun mount, 1 40mm quad mount, 4 twin 40mm gun mounts, 10 single 20mm gun mounts; Propulsion - 1 Joshua Henly geared turbine drive, 2 Babcock and Wilcox header-type boilers, 1-19 foot propeller, designed shaft horsepower 8,500.

After trials and amphibious training, USS San Saba departed San Francisco, CA. 1 July 1945 for the Marshall Islands to transport troops and war supplies. She reached Eniwetok on 14 July; and carried out transport missions to Ulithi, Caroline Islands, to Leyte, Philippines. Decommissioned 17 December 1946, placed in reserve and struck from the navy active ship list 1958.) [Internet Information April 2002] ................................

25, June.1945 0830---Underway, Standing into dock.

0900---Moored portside to pier 90. San Francisco. For repairs and pickup stores.

1, July.1945 0630--- Underway from pier 90.

0730---Moored stbd side to pier 38, Commenced loading 1800 Naval Enlisted Personnel.

1400---All passengers aboard. Underway to calibrate compasses.

1600--- Standing out bound for Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands, Base course 267 Speed 16 Knots.

3, July.1945 1100---U.S.S. Charles Carrol APA 28 sighted off port beam.

4, July.1945 APA 28 still in sight off port bow at 15 miles. 1200---U.S.S.Leon APA48 dead astern 10 miles.

5, July.1945 1015---Merchantman passed on stbd side at 4000 yards.

6, July.1945 0400---San Saba now approximately 1500 miles from Frisco, 500 miles due north of Pearl.

9, July.1945 0800---Crossed Intl date line.

14, July.1945 1200---Sighted Eniwetok Atoll. 1354---Anchored in berth charlie 221-APA 116 standing in astern.

15, July.1945 0730---Underway to refuel. 0830---Moored to U.S.S.Meredosia IX 193, pumped 4800 gallons of fuel on board, bunker charlie, Meredosia anchored in berth king three.

1235--- Underway from oiler. Returning to previous berth.

1312---Collided with U.S.S.Burleigh APA 95. Rammed near frame 43, stbd bow, forwd well deck. No injuries. Sustained break in hull extending below the water line, No 1 hold flooded. All cargo removed and placed on lighters. No 2 welin davit sprung, 1 20 MM & tub damaged also bow of LCVP. U.S.S.Burleigh was not extensively damaged.

1415---Anchored in berth charlie 94 after collision.

1800---U.S.S.Burleigh underway standing out after unloading passengers.

16,July.1945 1700--- Underway to change berths. 1900--- Anchored in berth Jig five, LCMs pumped water from no. 1 hold.

17, July.1945 0730---Underway from Jig five . 0745---Anchored in berth Jig six. Temporary repairs being made on collision damage.

18, July.1945 0800---San Saba with forced list to port of 14 deg. to effect repairs on break below the water line. 1130---Went ashore with recreation party to Parry Island.

19, July.1945 ---San Saba back on even keel. Cargo from #1 hold being loaded back on board..

21, July.1945 0915---Oiler alongside to stbd side. To return 120000 gals fuel taken off after collision. 0930---Comtransdiv.71 and staff officially transferred from this ship. Returning to Pearl on U.S.S.White Marsh LSD 8.

24, July.1945 --- Repair of collision damage completed, ship declared ready for sea.

25,July.1945 1700---Underway standing out, Steaming in formation as a unit of task unit 96.6.2 comprised of: U.S.S.Filmore -APA 83,U.S.S.Starlight-AP175 (OTC), U.S.S.San Saba APA 232, U.S.S.Crenshaw-APA76,U.S.S.McDonnel-DE163, U.S.S.PC1190, Base course 267 speed 15 knots bound for Ulithi in the Carolines.

26, July.1945 0800----S.S.Victory joined the formation (KWCH) 0700----Commenced Zig Zagging. 1800----Base course now 268. 2000----Commenced Zig Zagging according to plan baker nan. Watch now being kept between sunset and sunrise.

27, July.1945 0600----Commenced Zig Zagging according to plan able. 0830----Sighted Fais Island off port bow. 0923----U.S.S.Starlight broke down. 0925----U.S.S.San Saba took command of task unit. 0940----Sighted Ulithi Island. 0955----U.S.S.Starlight back in position. 1000----U.S.S.Starlight resumed command. 1250----Anchored in Ulithi Harbor. Berth three-one. Unloaded 85 bags of mail picked up in Eniwetok. Standing by for orders to get underway.

30, July.1945 1700----Underway, Standing out. OTC of formation consisting of : U.S.S.McDonnel-DE163 Escort. U.S.S.San Saba APA 232, U.S.S.Filmore APA 83, U.S.S.Gasconade APA 85, Bound for Samar, Philippine Islands, Speed 15 knots, Base course 271. 2400----Commenced Zig Zagging, plan Baker.

31, July.1945 0600----Commenced Zig Zagging plan Able. 1100----All hands to battle stations, Sub contact made by escort. 1115----Secured from General Quarters, Set condition three watch one.

1, Aug.1945 0200----Base course 270, speed 15 1/2 knots.

2, Aug.1945 0445----Salaus Island sighted off stbd bow. 0515----Sighted Homonhon, Isle 0615----Exchanged calls with H #1 shore station on Homonhon. Standing into Samar. 0815----Filmore and Gasconade left formation and proceeded on course to their destination, Tacloban Leyte. 0905----Passed thru net gate. 0930----Anchored at Guivan, Samar. Berth able four

3, Aug.1945 0700----Set condition one able and commenced debarking of passengers. 1215----Debarkation completed.

4, Aug.1945 1310----Underway to change berths. 1335----Anchored in berth zebra eleven, Commenced unloading cargo.

5, Aug.1945 1000----Went to Mass on Guivan Church of the Immaculate Conception.

7, Aug.1945 ---- All cargo for Samar unloaded. 0830----Underway and standing out. Bound for Manus in the Admiralty Islands, speed 17 knots, base course 119.