I was one of about 1500 sailor passengers that boarded APA 232 ship at pier 38 San Francisco 1st day of July 1945. Debarked  on 3 August 1945 in the Philippines.
Two days after VJ day boarded LCI # 1000 for the 2 day underway trip to Manila. In May of 1946 at Subic Bay boarded the Herald of Morning for transportation to the USA.
I do not know if the San Saba was ever in Subic Bay. Doug in Michigan

Subic Bay, P.I. 1954:
The ape getting ready for his 4 hour watch as JOOD, oh yes - Snipes did stand topside watches, gave us a break from the engine rooms, especially on nice days. I have no idea who the other sailors are.

This ship was an excellent feeder while I was aboard - Dec 1953 -- Sept. 1956. The crew made use of maxim liberty, while experiencing good treatment for a job well done. We were very proud of our earned 'BZ's'
APE (AF 11) Snipe Spencersan
(Douglas Spencer)