Memories from a Chara Plank Owner


 I  own a plank in the Chara AKA 58. I was radioman 2/c and remember all the good things that happened and some of the bad.


I remember one incident, There was this seaman running the bread slicer near the entrance to the mess hall. He was busy talking with his some of his buddies in line and swish he lost a few fingers to the bread slicer.


I can remember sleeping on deck at night and the engine crew blew the tubes (you couldn't do it in the daylight).  Waking up in the morning and finding oneself covered with soot.


I remember April 1, 1945 ,the landing at Okinawa. I was on watch in the radio shack  and walked out on the wing of the bridge to see what was happening. All the bridge crew were wearing helmets life jackets and the officers side arms. Captain Clark spots me, no helmet not even a hat and calls out to me "Radio if you want to come out here go in and put on your Easter bonnet (aka helmet)" I said aye aye sir and left the bridge. Captain Clark was a good skipper.


Thanks again for the memories    Sincerely Al Richards ex RM2/c