Please send this out to your net and add my signature block, I  want every idiot who voted for Bush to know who I am.

Well, let me say, "Thanks!" to all those Vets that voted the SOB into  office and may I add, "What the hell did you expect from a president that would pull combat pay away from active duty soldiers fighting his wars, just as the war started?" Of course the Veterans got that one stopped, well some Veterans  got  him reelected and now he is stabbing them in the back. They should have looked up his record here in Texas and learned what a backstabbing SOB he  can be.

This guy has invented new corners in his mouth to talk out of, not just a  forked tongue.

You all who wanted him are getting what you have coming, you voted for him,  we didn't and none of us are getting what we deserve and have been  promised.

The fault in the long run is in the hands of the people who voted him back  in.

Shame on you.

After all the gloating by those individuals who voted him back in, I really  would enjoy getting say, "I TOLD YOU SO!" if the situation wasn't so pathetic. Those misguided Vets who voted for him get to eat crow now.

How anyone could have missed that Bush would do this is beyond me. He went after active duty combat pay at the beginning of his ill advised war and that was such obviously poor judgment that he backed off. So if he could not get us in the front door, he'll go into our pockets through the backdoor.He has to pay for his bad judgment some way or other, and he is building one helluva deficit with this war dragging on.

Where in the devil did the mentality come from that the ones who stood as bulwarks protecting this country have to foot the bill for that protection, too?  It is high time the people we protected anti up. If they wanted to reelect that turkey so he could continue that fiasco over in Iraq then they can pay for it. The citizens of this country cannot expect the ones who are coming back who have already made great enough sacrifices to continue to sacrifice, while they go about their ordinary lives losing nothing.

Semper Fi,
Kit Carson