On June 6, 2003, I had the honor of joining the Sampson Vets for the Mid Hudson District annual luncheon meeting.

In addition to meeting a room full of fine people, we had the added bonus of hearing stories from two of the men that part of the first wave-the men sent in to clear the obstacles.

When I returned from the luncheon I had a message from Joe Vaghi III with links to some articles done by National Geographic about his Dad on D-Day.

Joe Vaghi was later assigned to the Neshoba, my Dad's ship.

Click on the links to the left-but be sure to turn the sound on.

Russ Padden 06-06-03

One interesting link is the Saving Private Ryan link which is about the soldier the movie was very loosely based on.  Many people think the movie depicts a real event-check it out.