In March 2009, after 7 years of maintaining this website, I have decided to accept donations to help support it and help it grow. 

My reasons for not accepting donations in the past were a mix of pride, a desire to serve the men and women who served and the thought that if I accepted donations, it would make me feel "obligated" to post whatever was sent to me.

When one major purchase wiped out my acquisition budget for the year. and I found myself passing up material for the site due to the cost. 

The only area of the site that I have accepted sponsorship for (previously) was the Deck Logs for the Neshoba.  This was something that a number of guys had asked me to add, but I didn't because of the expense.  When I admitted the reason to one of them, he suggested that I see if anyone wanted to "chip in."    All of the months were sponsored by individuals.

I don't really know how much the site costs per year...but it was running somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 per year or more - to be honest it could even be more. Some of the expenses related to the site are:

This is not a plea for donations...or a suggestion that the site will go down if not supported.   It's just a matter of being practical and being willing to let others help if they so desire.  The site has grown far beyond my wildest expectations when I started this project in October 2001.

If you are interested in donating to the site, you can send a check to:

Russ Padden

2 Scotchtown Place

Middletown, NY 10941


Email Russ (the Webmaster)


A special thanks to Ray Allen APA 216 and Glen Ayer APA 213 - both made generous contributions to the website. 

Both are plank owners of the website and without them this site would probably never have started.

As usual, they were the first... See my comments about them on the Dedication Page.


USS Chilton Association

Steven Yeager - Father on the APA 107 Goodhue

Richard Schloendorn in the name of Eugene James Durkin - Sampson Vet

Natalie Bryan - Father on APA 107 Goodhue

John Colangelo in memory of John P. Lejca. He did his boot camp at Sampson and had great life long memories of being there.

Clifton Middleton - in honor of his Uncle, Benjamin H. Middleton S1c Helmsman LCT 729 KIA at Corregidor 

Dave Russell - in honor of his Dad who served on APA 231 St. Croix

Bill Gowen in honor of his Dad CBM Carl E. Gowen of the USS Harris APA 2

Pat Stanley - son of an APA 54 USS Wayne Veteran

Steve Glover - Sampson Vet

William McMahon - son of a Sampson Vet

Ray Allen APA 216 USS Neshoba- site Plank Owner

Glen Ayer APA 213 USS Mountrail - site Plank Owner

Grady Willmon APA 54 USS Wayne - site Plank Owner

Randy Cook for  Jack Cook QM/2 USS Ormsby APA49 Pacific Theatre WWII 1924-2003

Joel Pipitone APA 216

Joe Divine - a Tin Can Man

Steve Steiner - son of an AP passenger

Joe Devine for DD 614 USS Mackenzie

David L. Busch for his Father Ensign Martin P. Busch USS Neshoba

Andrew Ciongoli for his Father who was in Sampson CO 230 - Dewey Unit from Turtle Creek PA - Company Picture March 12, 43