There are two groups trying to "land" the Hoga.  USS Hoga fighting fires at Pearl

In 1999 the City of Little Rock Arkansas started working on saving the Hoga for their Inland Maritime Museum.

After seeing an article in the paper about it late in 1999, a second group started efforts to have the ship located in Hollywood, Florida. 

Little Rock, Arkansas Site

We are proceeding to prepare for the arrival of the USS Hoga which will sit alongside the USS Razorback as the two "anchors" of the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum (AIMM).  AIMM is a non-profit that will partner with our city and others.  There is absolutely no connection between the Clinton Presidential Library and AIMM other than they both sit along the banks of the Arkansas River, one (the Library) on the south side and AIMM will be on the banks in our city on the north side.  President Clinton, who was after all, the Commander in Chief, is aware of the museum, but has not participated in any part of the planning or research.  He supports it wholeheartedly to be a place to honor our veterans, specifically, the US Navy.

Mayor Hays began working on this project four years ago with the help of our Congressman, Vic Snyder, a former Marine and a Vietnam vet.  The USS Hoga was always on our radar screen and the Mayor pursued it vigorously.  Along the way, a group of sub vets brought to his attention the USS Razorback and they joined the quest to start AIMM.  The Razorback will be here in mid-July at which point we plan on preparing and bringing the valiant little Hoga here as well.

Greg Zonner, a former Nuke Sub Sailor and past commander of the USSVI Razorback Base has been a long-time volunteer of the project and was very instrumental in preparing a very comprehensive application which NAVSEA described as one of the most complete and thorough applications they had ever received.  Many city departments, not the least of which was the Administration Section, have worked and continue to work to insure that AIMM will be a place that all citizens can be proud of.

Again, thanks for allowing me to clear up some misconceptions about our project.  If anyone has any more questions, they can visit our website at or call me at 501-340-5302.

Steve Nawojczyk
Office of Mayor Patrick H. Hays
North Little Rock, AR

Hollywood, Florida Site

A true American Hero is fighting for her life. What started as a nondescript life in 1939 turned into anything but that on December 7, 1941. That morning for approximately 3 hours, the hawser tug, YT-146 "HOGA" dodged bombs, bullets, and torpedoes to help fight fires on the USS Arizona, Minesweeper USS Oglala, and the USS Nevada. She rescued untold numbers of wounded sailors from the fiery waters of Pearl Harbor. Her crew worked the Hoga continually for 72 hours before receiving a relief crew. After the attack on Pearl Harbor she returned to her normal job in the port helping warships in and out of the harbor.

In 1948, her life changed again and instead of becoming a heap of scrap iron she took on duties as a fireboat in the harbor at San Francisco and Oakland. Renamed, "CITY OF OAKLAND", she fought fires on the docks and ships for another five decades. In 1966, she lost her stripes again and was retired to the reserve fleet, where she awaits her fate. She is the last survivor still afloat from that infamous attack. The city of Hollywood and the USS HOGA TY-146 Association are asking for help to give her an honored resting place as a living memorial to those who fought in America’s wars.

(information copied from Hollywood, Florida  Hoga Site)