NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC March 1943 pg 345 -346

Norway, an Active Ally

...A mere boy wrote to the commander of the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Great Britain:

"I want to be trained as a pilot here in England in the shortest time possible.  After that, I ask that you give me a plane which is loaded with explosives, and I will plunge it onto one of the German battleships.

This is cruel, I am still very young and I have not seen much of life, but I have learned to hate those who attacked us. I have seen how they treat women and children.  It is the coming generations that we are fighting for.  I gladly offer my life if I know I can do something that will protect them."

It has been Little Norway's task to mold such fervor into sober and efficient pilots, gunners, telegraphers, radio engineers, mechanics and technicians...

No further commentary needed...