Henry Ford said "History is Bunk."  There is a lot of truth in his comment.

History is the story of the rich and powerful as told by the people who control the history.  Some of it is true, but like the news today it is often told in black and white when it is mostly gray, shadows, smoke and mirrors.  Misinformation, distortions and "spin" often replace objective analysis.

The Battle of Wounded Knee and Custers last stand are great examples of "spin."  The stories we are told as fact are much like the news of today, grounded in fact and told to meet the tellers agenda.

It's not the man in a suit a staged photo-op that is history-he may influence events and help cause history to happen.  It is the men and women who drop the bombs, die in battle, build the ships and stay at home who make the history.

This is the history I am trying to help preserve. To do this it is necessary to go back to the source-on both sides of issue-actually on all sides of an issue-it's not A or B -ever -despite what the media tells you.  Evil is a matter of degree and in the eye of the beholder (as well as the heart of the beholder).