Almost everyone that I've sent a response to, correcting the lies that they were duped into spreading has reacted favorably and were glad that the record was being set straight.  I have only had ONE person who responded otherwise (see 2nd part of this page).


Here is a typical positive example. It was sent to the people that got the original false email:

I don't know Mr. Padden but I see he is reprinting an email I sent him, thanking him for sending me the straight facts on an email I had forwarded to numerous people. 

I am generally more careful in forwarding emails than I was with this one and was chagrined to learn that I had forwarded one that was factually incorrect.  

Even if we don't like an individual , group or organization, we ought not continue to spread untruths about them. If we do, we are just dupes furthering the program or vendetta of someone else. 

Like the Genie, lies, half truths and factual distortions cannot be put "back into the bottle." 

As do some others of you, especially Sue and Quincy, I use  often and find it a great source of straight facts. There is no charge for their service and it has been enlightening and interesting to check things out on their site. 

I hope this info is helpful to you. 

Thank you again Mr. Padden , I appreciate your efforts to keep the "game" fair and honest. 

Your friend, Benny


I did recently have one person respond with quite a different response. 

He started his multi-forwarded email message with: "I haven't checked the accuracy of this..." and ended it with: "Please send to all on you mail list !!!"

Each day he would send me an updated email with a similar commentary.  

Below is a sample email (the least offensive one):


He also left an obscene message on the website message board.

I deleted his posting, blocked him from being able to email me and from being able to access the website and message board.  He is the ONLY person I have had to do this to.


My Mother always told me: "Never argue with a fool, they will lower you to their level and then beat you with experience."


















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