The majority of links on this page were sent to me by Vets or people on active duty.  Like many of the letters I've seen from WWII Vets, the views of many of those currently in the Service are not the "face" that is presented.  

"The Good Guys" is a link to a list of companies, by State who have pledged to support our Guard and Reserve.  The number of stars they are noted with shows how well they have performed.

Check out "Operation Helmet" where citizens are providing our Servicemen with the equipment the Government isn't. This link was sent to my by a Marine just back from Iraq (November 2006).

"Is it worth it?" is VERY disturbing.  Do not open it if you have a weak stomach.  It was sent to me by a contact that used to be an unflinchingly rabid George W. Bush supporter. Many in her family were and are Military. I was very surprised to get this from her.

One of my friends bought a Flak Jacket for his son who is the Marine Reserves...the commander suggested it being a good idea.  This issue is NOT dead...  Update-he is back from Iraq and is now a proud Father.  He was home in time for the birth.

Note: many of the links that were on this page have "vanished."  In order to keep the information available I have copied the information on some to local pages. (12-26-05 - removed 8 links that have vanished)


Sadly, it's all downhill from there... 

Once again the government is quietly cutting benefits for active service and veterans while publicly praising them.  The links are to various veterans organizations, review them and draw your own conclusions.  The Veterans Administration - the people who take care of the wounded - are getting their budgets cut again.  Does support for the troops only means saying thanks - it's cheaper that way?

These links were sent to me by men and women who served their country in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and during peace time.  They asked me to help spread the word.    

"It is a dark day when Congress takes the budget knife to the hard-earned benefits and health-care services earned by the veterans of this Nation to support an ill-conceived tax cut,' said Fox. ' I find it unconscionable that a majority of the members of the House Budget Committee think it appropriate to strip benefits and health care earned on the field of battle and in defense of freedom to promote their tax cut proposal, particularly at a time when we are in the process of sending more young men and women into harm's way...." (commentary from Paralyzed Vets)

I have recently had a number of requests for information on Flak Jackets and where they can be purchased to provide protection to reservists who have been called up. It appears that the military is still unable to provide adequate ones.  This issue was brought up in March 2003 and is not resolved in March 2004.  


Words whisper and actions shout.

Like everything else if you look at what politicians are doing, it is often the opposite of what they are saying.




















Cost of the War in Iraq

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