One day it was announced that we were going to get our overseas shots. After morning chow we were marched to a building , in the front door by twos, at which time we were jabbed, stabbed and marched out the back door to a series of walls with cargo ropes that we had to climb up then down.


We thought it strange when we got up that morning there were two piles of tweezers on our tables. The walls we climbed were old and rotting, the tweezers were to pick out the splinters under our nails.


Another day we had nothing to do, so they marched us to a ravine where we proceeded to remove rocks to another location , then put them back in the same ravine again. Idle hands and all that stuff.


One day at chow the boot next to me found a roach in his mashed potatoes, Every day an officer sat in the middle of the chow hall and ate our food (I guess he got a medal for that). THis boot got up and slammed his tray down on the officers table and said I refuse to eat this food, the place went nuts , no one would eat the food. That night the cooks had to scrub out the bins and the whole kitchen. I have a thing for roaches to this day.


On the last day before breaking camp we had a big parade and a final inspection. I had lost over 40 lbs and my pants were so loose I had to hold them up with a rope. I was yelled at and rushed to a used clothing building and refitted before I was allowed to go home on boot leave.