My Brother in Law - Saint Jake

When I was 17 I wanted to enlist in the Navy.  My sister and legal guardian, said no, if you're drafted I would keep you longer. Her husband was a 6 yr navy veteran and at the end of his enlistment. We both worked on her and finally she gave in.

That's when St. Jake came to me and sat me down to tell me what to watch out for. After your physical they will throw a lot of paper work at you and this is what you look for. On the enlistment paper on one of the corners will be a number and it will be for 6 yes, reject it, the next will be for 4 yrs, reject it, the next will be for 2 yrs, reject it, you want for the duration and 6 months. If they give you a hard time tell them you will go down the hall to the Marines and the chief in charge kept saying he couldn't do any better.

Now heres a true story. One of the fellows who boarded the Howard with me was a lad name Meo, over 6ft and just a nice guy. After the bomb was dropped and the war ended we all ran to the yeoman to find out how many points we had for discharge. Meo came back from the yeoman white as a ghost, Yup, he had signed up for 6yrs.Thank God for St. Jake.