Delhi - PFC John L. Stalbird, one of three soldier sons of Mrs. Hattie Stalbird of Hamden, has graduated from Radio School in Kentucky and is being transferred to a camp in California.

"Let's get on with the job and get it over with," says Pvt. Stalbird, who has had one furlough since his induction a year ago last month, and plainly declared that he did not want another. He was stationed at Camp Polk, La., before being sent to Radio School in Kentucky. Before he went in the Army, he was engaged in truck driving for local creameries, and construction work.

Most recent inductee of the three is Pvt. Walter, stationed at Upton, who spent a few days at home this week. Another brother, PFC George N. Stalbird, is in the Anti-Aircraft Division of the Coast Artillery at Santa Monica, Cal. In service since last September, he has been spending a furlough with his mother this week.


Sea. 1/c Carlton E. Mackey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackey, 2 Richards Ave., made a surprise visit to the home of his parents last week. They did not know he was in this country. Sea. Mackey, who entered Service July 1, 1942, is a Navy Gunner assigned to the Merchant Marine. He wears ribbons for duty on the Atlantic and Pacific and the Baltic Sea. Sea. Mackey received boot training at Sampson and is a graduate of the Armed Guard Gunnery School, Norfolk, Va. His brother, Sea. 1/c Robert W. Mackey, is in the Pacific area. Both boys attended Oneonta High School.


Sea 2/c Earl MacIntyre, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. MacIntyre of Milford Center, formerly of Oneonta, has finished his basic training at Sampson Naval Training Station, Geneva, and is taking advanced training at a South Carolina Navy Yard.


Otego - Sea. 2/c Richard E. Davis returned Tuesday to Sampson Naval Base after spending a seven-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Davis, of this village. He has completed Basic Training and expects to be assigned for further training. He was formerly employed by Scintilla, Sidney.


John Gennarino, who enlisted in the Navy Nov. 14, 1942, has graduated as Signalman from Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind., and has gone to Norton Heights, Conn., for four more weeks of training. He graduated from OHS, worked as a D&H yard clerk in Binghamton before his enlistment, and received his basic training at Sampson Station. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gennarino of 29 Grand.


Private William H. Meehan Back with his buddies of earlier soldiering days is Private William H. Meehan of Sidney, former foreman of finished stores at the Scintilla Magneto Plant in Sidney. Entering the Army in February, 1941, he was assigned to Company B, 22nd Infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia. Seven months later he was placed on the enlisted reserve at the time men over 28 were being released from training.

In February, 1942, he was recalled to service and reported at Fort Niagara, but was at once returned to the enlisted reserve at the request of the Scintilla Company, which deemed him a key man in the organization. However, in September last he was again recalled to service, and after a month at Fort Dix, N.J., was sent on to rejoin his old outfit Co. B, 22nd Infantry, now located at Camp Gordon, Georgia.

Private Meehan is married, his wife living at 45 River Street, Sidney. He is one of four sons of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Meehan now in service. The others are Clarence, a Chief Gunner's Mate in the Navy, now on Atlantic Service; Edward and Lawrence Meehan, both in the Army.



A contingent of 21 men was sent to Camp Upton yesterday morning by Board 404, last of the April draftees to complete the seven-day furlough following physical examinations in Utica last week.

Two of the group sent last week were accepted by the Marine Corps and three were inducted by the Navy. Two others qualified as Army Aviation Cadets. Most of yesterday morning's contingent were men from outside areas which come under the jurisdiction of the local board. There were only seven Oneontans.

Appointed Acting Corporal of the group by the Army induction team in Utica last week, and who is responsible for the conduct of the men enroute to camp, was Perry Louis Morehouse, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Morehouse, Sr., 11 Taft. Mr. Morehouse is Oneonta Civilian Protection Director.

Rev. Howard C. Myers, Pastor of the River Street Baptist Church, spoke at a farewell program in the Palace Theatre. He declared that "these men set a great example by the dedication and consecration of their lives to a great cause. We are going to win this war, no matter what the cost, through the efforts of our splendid young men, backed by the resources of our great country, because ours is a righteous cause.

"Hitler has been raised up for a purpose to chasten us and the rest of the world for loose living and laxness in Godly things. When his mission is fulfilled, he will be relegated to the ash heap. He cannot win because he and his gangster allies have set themselves against the Word and the Church of God."

Joseph Scanlon, Assistant Fire Chief and Chairman of the War Services Committee, had charge of the distribution of gifts to the reservists. They received box lunches and writing paper and envelopes from the City War Council, which will receive proceeds from the School Band Concert next week; toothpaste from dentists, cigarettes from the USO, and Bibles from the Gideon Society.

Led by the OHS Victory Corps Band, the reservists marched to the D&H station. Parading with the registrants were representatives of Co. I, serving as Color Bearers and Color Guard; Albert B. Webster, Chairman of Board 404; Assistant Chief Scanlon; Edwin R. Moore, City Historian; and members of the Red Cross.


April 30, 1943 Front row: Norman Wilcox, Franklin Callender, Thomas O'Hare, Arthur Hoyt, Donald Wetmore, Joseph Wakin.

 Middle row: Anthony Hren, Irving Lockwood, Perry Morehouse, Walter Hunt, George Schalk, Morris Platt, Gordin Stilwell, Harmon Byam. 

Back row: Michael Welsh, Nicholas Pitt, Harold Miller, Clifford Gray, Sidney Pickens, Ralph Lent, Leland Marcellus. Ready for military service are these area registrants, who entrained yesterday for the Army Reception Center at Camp Upton. Rev. H.C. Myers address the reservists at a farewell program in the Palace Theatre. Morehouse was in charge of the group.